Why Abhyanga Is Everyone’s Favorite Ayurvedic Therapy

(And Why You’ll Swear It’s The Best Massage Of Your Life)

By Dr. Puja Shah

When our daughter was born a few years ago, my husband Amish and I started a precious daily tradition that makes us smile to this day. 

We would dim the lights, light a lavender oil lamp, turn on some relaxing music – and give her a special oil massage known in Ayurveda as the ‘Abhyanga’.

The running joke was that she was going to the spa every day. But the benefits were anything but a joke: we quickly noticed remarkable changes in her sleep quality and digestion.

Why you’ll want to share Abhyanga with your children, partner, and your loved ones

According to Maharishi Ayurveda, the benefits of the Abhyanga oil massage include:

Abhyanga is perfect for the cold winter months, providing circulation and nourishment to the body. And you can even perform it on yourself.

Abhyanga is versatile: choose your favorite oil

Here are some options:

How to perform Abhyanga

Ideally, you want to do this massage after a bath or before sleep. And you should avoid it during a high fever. 

Also, be sure the room is comfortable, keep it warm but not too hot, and even add relaxing elements like calming energy stones and dim lights. 

Use a squeeze bottle with the oil of your choice, or place it in a small bowl. Take the small bowl or squeeze bottle and put it in a larger bowl of hot water to warm the oil slightly. Be sure it is not too hot by testing it prior to using.

Have your recipient lay comfortably on a blanket or towel, on a massage table or bed.

You can start from the head and move down to the feet or opposite. You can give a gentle massage to the scalp on infants, but be mindful of the Fontanelle areas, and always avoid the eyes. 

For adults, the scalp massage feels amazing and is incredibly relaxing.

Use long strokes for the arms and legs and circular strokes for the joints, back, chest and abdomen. For the stomach, do clockwise circles to follow the intestines. Always spend extra time on the feet since this can aid in sound sleep and relaxation.

Enjoy your massage time and all the benefits that come with it!

About Dr. Puja Shah, Editor-in-Chief of The Natural Law

Dr. Puja Shah is an award-winning author whose 93 year old grandmother swore by Ayurvedic remedies and practiced yoga into her last days. And so while her education includes 9 years of medical training as a dentist, 3 teaching qualifications in yoga, and dozens of courses in meditation, it’s no wonder that she always goes back to Ayurveda. Puja harnesses Ayurveda regularly with her children and husband Amish Shah, Founder of The Natural Law.

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