How to balance, heal & soothe your Dosha

By The Natural Law

Take a deep dive into the three Doshas, and discover what yours reveals about you and your unique wellness needs.

Going deeper into the Doshas

First, a recap of the basics:

Air, fire, water, earth, space: these are five elements that create the three Doshas, and everything in you and around you. From different climates and seasons, to food, emotions, personalities, and more – it always goes back to the five elements.

Next, let’s go a little deeper…

Doshas are a combination of two elements.

Vata consists of Air and Ether (or Space).

When you think about the qualities of Air and Ether you begin to form an idea of what Vata feels like: light, ethereal, mobile. Which in turn translates in our bodies as someone with a smaller thinner, even more delicate bone structure. They often like to be active and mobile, love unpredictability and sometimes are accused of having their head in the clouds. Too much air and ether can bring dryness and spaciness in our bodies – with symptoms like dry joints, skin, and constipation.

Pitta consists of Fire and Water.

The elements of Pitta in nature are two very powerful forces, Fires and flooding move quickly, can spread, and be very forceful or sharp. Fire is what cooks our food and water is what helps our food to stay unburnt. To relate that to our bodies we can see quick intellect, possibly sharp tongues, and in excess heartburn or skin rashes that spread. These two elements need each other in order to balance each other out. If there is too much heat then there is heartburn or acidity, whereas too much water brings loose stools.

Kapha comprises Water and Earth.

Kapha is earth and water. Earth provides us with a very sturdy solid home. It is also the vessel that holds the water. We can think about that in terms of lakes and rivers – earth provides the container that keeps those areas of water contained. In our bodies the earth element is what makes our bone structure strong and sturdy. The water element keeps our body hydrated. When the elements from Vata impact the elements of Kapha, we see popping cracking joints.

Your Prakriti and how it charts your unique path.

The unique combinations of elements and Doshas that were given to us at the moment of conception is our Prakriti: our personal map to health and wellness. When we experience imbalances or health challenges, our Prakriti is what we strive to return to. When the Doshas, the seven tissue layers, and the excretory system are in balance along with body, mind and spirit it is believed you will live a long happy, healthy life. Because of our busy lives, stress, and food and lifestyle choices, our Prakriti shifts and is called Vikriti. This is when imbalances occur and we begin to see issues with the Doshas. The word Dosha means flaw, fault or defect. It is called a flaw because it’s what goes out of balance and causes disease. Knowing your Dosha Prakriti and Vikriti gives you a map of what your body looks like when the Doshas are in balance or out of balance.

Ready to start balancing and honoring your Dosha?

If you haven’t already, it’s important to take our Dosha Quiz and study your personalized report. This allows you to make informed choices on your lifestyle, diet, and daily and seasonal routines. Once you’ve completed the quiz, begin by comparing your current food and lifestyle choices with the recommendations in the quiz. At your own pace, start applying some of the recommendations – choosing two or three steps to focus on for the next couple of months. Stay consistent, track your progress, and keep following nature’s wisdom to transform how you feel, heal, and live daily.

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